My name is Eric Day, and I play bass (plus guitar, keys, trombone, singing, etc.) and write and teach music here in lovely New York City. Band-wise, I play in Sky-Pony, serving up lush indie-pop, I front an early-era Weezer tribute band called Surf Wax America, and I play in an acoustic singer/songwriter-y duo with my lovely wife Lori called The Day Family Band. I love writing and playing for theatre and have subbed on over 10 shows on and Off-Broadway, most recently BE MORE CHILL at the Lyceum. I also proudly teach music in Westchester. In addition to my musical exploits documented throughout this site, I enjoy home-brewing, tacos, and being from Michigan. Click on the pages above to check out my various goings-on, and please feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like to say hey at:


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